Sercan Aslan Health Tourism in Turkey

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Our hotel. (service included)

Comfortable rooms

The place where you will spend 2 wonderful days, and enjoy the beautiful views of the hotel, swim in the pool. And also, you can visit various sights of Istanbul, and here, believe me, there is something to see. Everything is like on a regular vacation, only with health benefits and for the aesthetic appearance of your appearance.

Here you will feel all the attitude towards you from the friendly staff to the author’s design of the Sercan Aslan Health Tourism itself. Cozy rooms where you can relax and go through the entire procedure with comfort without pain and unnecessary hassle.

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Translator. (service included)

With a doctor in the same language

We will provide an interpreter for the convenience of communication! We will explain everything in a language you understand.

Transfer (service included)

We will meet and guide you.

We will definitely meet you at the airport and take you to it after the operation.

Our team

Operates on the principle of providing the highest quality services to all patients who applied for a hair transplant operation

Our leader Serkan Aslan is getting bigger and better with every new operation thanks to his 12 years of experience, knowledge of his field, team management and coordination. This success of our team leader is confirmed by the annual surveys we conduct with our patients. Each operation is monitored and evaluated separately.


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