Hair Transplant in Turkey – What You Need to Know

The American Hair Loss Association says that 25% of men have hair loss problems that start before they even reach the age of 21. 85% of all men suffer from balding to some extent. 50% of women experience hair loss during their lifetime. The reasons for these issues are many and affect all parts of the globe. Because of this, the demand for hair transplants is rising and it has become a major area of medical tourism as people search for the best doctors, procedures, and the lowest costs. Turkey is at the forefront of hair transplant procedures. “Turkish Hair Transplant” is among the top search phrases on Google. The reason for the country’s popularity becomes clear when you know the facts:

  • Turkey Is Safe: Thousands of people from allover the world come to Turkey each year for hair transplants. Because of the huge demand, the doctors are highly experienced and experts in the field. To make certain that the country remains at the top as a hair transplant destination, the government certifies all clinics to ensure that there are no compromises on medical standards.
  • The success rate for hair transplant procedures in Turkey is as high as 98% which is why the best clinics offer patients a guarantee on the hair transplant procedures they receive.
  • The low cost does not affect the medical standards -Turkish hair transplants are inexpensive because the cost of living in the country is low, the government offers medical clinics various tax rebates and incentives to enable them to make their pricing attractive to foreign patients and the large demand for this service allows for very competitive pricing.
  • The cost of a hair transplant at the best clinics ranges from 1999 Euros to2299 Euros for an all-inclusive package. This is cheaper than other countries by a factor of 2 or 3.
  • Clinics offer both DHI and FUE hair transplants in Turkey. These are the latest advances in hair transplant technology so patients can expect great results from their procedures.
  • Budgeting for the procedure is easy because of the availability of all-inclusive packages that take the stress and uncertainty out of the travel to Turkey.
  • The promotion of medical tourism is a priority for the Turkish government which is why it is taking all possible steps to ensure that the country remains the number one hair transplant destination in the world.

A hair transplant is more than just a cosmetic procedure. The loss of hair can affect a person’s self-confidence and self-esteem. This can negatively affect the way the person performs in social, professional, and personal situations and relationships. Regaining a full head of hair can help people regain control of their life and add value to what they do and who they are. All it takes to get started in the simple, safe, and hassle-free journey to new hair is to use the free online inquiry option that the best clinic offers.



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