FUE Transplant Turkey Advantages

FUE Transplant Turkey Advantages

Hair loss is a common problem among individuals from different ages. Men and women in their early 20s can experience this problem. Also, men and women in their 30s or 40s can experience this problem. But there is a solution for hair loss. FUE Sapphire transplant Turkey is one of the best methods to solve the hair loss problem.

Actually, FUE Sapphire is the most common technique in hair transplant. This technique is also known as follicular unit extraction. But most people prefer to call it FUE. This name is easier than the longer version. In this method, hair roots are extracted and implanted. Although the procedure has two separate steps, the name is only given after the first stage.

Turkey has become one of the most popular countries in the cosmetic surgery field. Increasing number of foreign patients are visiting the country to have their operation. Therefore, FUE Sapphire transplant Turkey has become a popular operation. 

What Is the FUE Sapphire method?

The FUE Sapphire method is the name of the hair transplant operation. In this method, hair grafts are collected one by one by using special motors. These grafts can have multiple hair roots. The special motors used in this process are called punch motors. 

By using these punch motors, hair grafts are taken out from the scalp. Then, collected hair grafts are put in a special liquid. This way of storage cleans all the impurities around the grafts. In this case, impurities might involve tissue and blood. If tissue and blood remains around the hair grafts, the operation might not be successful. For this reason, the cleaning step is important.

The final stage of FUE Sapphire transplant Turkey is hair implant. The hair grafts in order are implanted to recipient areas. Before this step, special channels are opened by using special tool. These tools might be either a surgeon’s blade or diamond tipped blades. Then, the hair roots are placed inside these channels. The wound is covered after and the patient can go back home.

Why Should You Choose FUE Sapphire Transplant Turkey?

FUE Sapphire transplant Turkey has lots of different benefits to patients. In fact, FUE Sapphire alone is a beneficial method to solve hair loss problems. After this operation, patients will start to enjoy their new hair. The most important benefit of the operation is to have fuller hair.

Also, when patients have the operation in Turkey, they can save money. FUE Sapphire hair transplant in Turkey is both affordable and easy. This is due to low medical costs associated with the operation. So, doctors and clinics can give better prices to patients.

In addition to all that, hair transplant doctors in Turkey are highly talented. Therefore, the hair transplant before and after photos will make a huge difference. Because of all these factors, foreigners are choosing this country for their hair implants.


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