FUE Sapphire Hair Implant Basics

FUE Sapphire Hair Implant Basics

FUE Sapphire hair implant  is the most demanded operation in the hair transplant field. Patients want to have this operation to enjoy better looking hair. As the technology in the medical sector has evolved, new and more advanced methods are applied.

With this implant, patients no longer need to experience any pain. Although there might be mild pain, the operation is generally easy. What is more, the recovery period is shorter. So, people can have new hair in a shorter period of time.

Is FUE Mean Hair Implant?

Basically, FUE is the name for the grafts extraction. The operation is known for different names, Sometimes people use FUE alone. The correct way is to call it FUE Sapphire transplant.

Hair Root Extraction Step

In this step of the FUE Sapphire hair transplant, special handheld gadgets are used. These handheld devices are designed for hair extraction procedures. These devices are called punches. These punches are driven by means of small machines to extract the hair grafts. Hair grafts are hair roots. But those grafts also incorporate some pores and skin. 

Each graft will have hair roots between 1 to 4. Number of hair roots in a graft depends on hair characteristics. After hair grafts are collected, they’re stored in a special way to clean the pores and skin around them. During implant, hair roots should be free of some skin for a hit result.

If there is blood or tissue on the hair roots, the results might not be that successful. This requires expertise. After the roots are clean, they are ready to be implanted.

Fast Recovery After Operation

One of the most important advantages of FUE Sapphire hair implant is fast recovery. While the actual recovery of implanted hair takes up to 1 year, the crusts and overall look will get better in just a few months. Also, patients can go back to their daily life without waiting.

Doctors often recommend resting for the first day. But after the second day, patients can discover the city if they are having a hair transplant abroad. While there are some limitations, there is no limitation to go out and enjoy life.

In general, crusting will start to disappear after 10 days from surgery day. It will be taken in a special way with the help of our tutorial. Then, there will be a shock loss period. Some patients are concerned during this period. But shock loss is normal and it is necessary for the new hair to grow.

After this period, the new hair will start to grow in the 3rd month and after 6 months the patient will be able to see about 60-70 percent of the result. After this period, new hair will become stronger every day. The key thing in FUE Sapphire hair implant is to be patient. After full recovery, the hair will look amazing and fuller than ever.


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