Eyebrow Hair Transplant in Turkey

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Turkey for New Shape

Cosmetic surgery is popular among women and men. Everyone wants to look good. And in today’s world, it is possible to achieve this look. Eyebrow hair transplant Turkey will help you to get the ideal eyebrows. 

Our eyebrows define our face. Without them, we look naked. And they are especially important for women. Women always shape their eyebrows. This shape changes according to fashion trends. While thick eyebrows are popular now, thin eyebrows like the 90s might come back. This means, eyebrow plucking.

In some cases, our eyebrows might not grow after persistent plucking. And as a result, we might experience gaps or thin eyebrows. This does not have an attractive look. While there are some herbal solutions, these are not permanent. Only permanent solution is eyebrow transplant.

Permanent Eyebrow Hair Transplant

This is a common question. Eyebrow hair transplant is a permanent solution. So, when you have eyebrow hair transplant Turkey operation, you will have your eyebrows permanently. There is one important element about this operation. We have defined it below. When your eyebrow grows after the operation, this new hair can be there in your entire life. You can use your transplanted eyebrow like your unique eyebrow except plucking. You can observe make-up or even dye your eyebrows.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Turkey

Turkey is one of the leading countries in the cosmetic surgery field. Therefore, eyebrow hair transplant in Turkey is highly popular. Foreigners all around the world are visiting Turkey to have new eyebrows. The results are amazing. New eyebrow after the surgery looks like a natural eyebrow.

In this operation, DHI (direct hair transplant) method is preferred. Here, hair roots are collected from the back of the ear. Then, these are directly implanted in the eyebrow area. Before this process, a new eyebrow shape is defined. Patient’s needs are important at this stage.

Eyebrow Transplant

It is possible to create a new arch with eyebrow operation. Also, it is possible to have a fuller eyebrow look. After the shape is defined, the roots are implanted with DHI. In this method, hair roots are both collected and implanted with special pens. This way, roots do not contact with air for a long time. This practice increases the chance of success.

After the operation, you might need to wait for 6 months to see full eyebrow growth. When you have your eyebrow look, you must not pluck them. If you pluck your eyebrow implants, new hair will not grow there. In this case, you need to shape them without plucking.

Also, considering that eyebrows are hair roots, they may continuously develop. Unlike your unique eyebrows, growing of this new implanted hair will continue. You want to make them shorter with a razor during one year. Otherwise, they could develop like your ordinary hair. After one year from the surgery date, implanted hair starts to adjust and stop to grow as normal hair from the head. Also it is important to do a massage for your eyebrows during first months to make the hairline slope natural.


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