DHI vs FUE Sapphire

There are two prominent methods in hair transplantation: DHI technique and Sapphire Fue technique. Those who are considering hair transplantation are wondering what is the difference between DHI and Sapphire Fue technique, and which one should be preferred. In the Sapphire Fue technique, hair follicles, that is, grafts, are collected from the donor area of the person with a micro motor tool, and then the collected roots are transplanted to the place where there is no hair, with needles called Punch. In the DHI technique, the graft is collected just like in the Fue technique, but the transplantation part is done using a special pen called Choi Omplanter. The common point of both methods is that it is necessary to examine whether it is suitable for processing and technique.

So, what is the difference between DHI and FUE technique? Here are the answers;

  1. The main difference between DHI and Sapphire Fue is the application. While shaving of the area to be transplanted is not required in DHI technique, shaving of the area is essential in Sapphire Fue technique.
  2. While 4500 to 5500 grafts are transplanted in a single session in the DHI technique, this number can be more than 6000 grafts in the Sapphire Fue technique.
  3. The recovery period in Sapphire technique is longer than in DHI technique. In the DHI technique, there is almost no bleeding during the procedure.
  4. In the Sapphire method, the cultivation area is wide. In the DHI method, it has the advantage of planting more frequently than Sapphire, even in narrow areas.
  5. Sapphire is more economical, while DHI technique has a higher price depending on the equipment cost.
  6. The application time of the Sapphire technique is shorter than the DHI technique.

Since the DHI hair transplant technique is an unshaven procedure, it provides a great advantage for people who do not want to have their hair shaved, and the process is much more comfortable. Both hair transplantation techniques give good results when applied successfully. Although the application of the procedure differs, the desired result can often be achieved. Determining which method you are more suitable for is of course the first analysis and the result of the examination. For this reason, you should contact us to get more detailed information and to find out which of the techniques is suitable for you. You can trust the Sercan Aslan Hair team, who are experts in their field, experienced and have a good command of technological developments, and you can achieve the hair you dream of with the most advanced methods. For information and appointments, we are a phone call away, a click away.


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