• Turkey, one of the first countries that comes to mind when health tourism is mentioned, has a global reputation in hair transplant operations. For this reason, people come to Turkey to receive hair transplant services from all continents. Sercan Aslan, one of the hair transplant [...]

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  • People who are considering a hair transplant are focusing on one subject with the sentences such as “Is hair transplantation a painful procedure? does hair transplant hurt? Will I feel pain when I have a hair transplant”. Although hair transplantation is an aesthetic application, the [...]

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  • The most curious question of patients after hair transplantation is usually: “When does the transplanted hair start to grow?” Like all other questions, patients learn beforehand when the transplanted hair grows and when it starts to grow. It seems doubtful that the transplanted hair will [...]

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  • There are two prominent methods in hair transplantation: DHI technique and Sapphire Fue technique. Those who are considering hair transplantation are wondering what is the difference between DHI and Sapphire Fue technique, and which one should be preferred. In the Sapphire Fue technique, hair follicles, [...]

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